Palais des Sports de Nantes Beaulieu les 6,7 et 8 mai 2010

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Championnat d’Europe de patinage artistique à roulettes de groupe Synchronisé et de Show 2010
2010 : Les participants

Voilà la liste définitives des inscrits pour le championnat d’Europe. Pour cette année nous aurons 94 groupes répartis dans les catégories suivantes :
- Quartet : 16
- Quartet cadet : 15
- Show cadet : 13
- Show petit groupe : 19
- Show grand groupe : 13
- Précision junior : 10
- Précision : 8


RSC Anderlecht Belgium Geisha
RSC Anderlecht Belgium Let’s go out tonight
UAGM France Geisha
ALSS France Jellyfish
Orvault RSC France Pompei
Wolfsburg Germany Elements
Givatayem Israel Don’t Leave Me
Holon Israel Discovering the Body
Artiskate ASD Italy Toreador
Musano Italy Videoclip
Padova ASD Italy Poetry
Oude De Molen Netherlands Unity
KRC Rolling Netherlands Living Statue
Academica Portugal Statues
Rolar Custoias Portugal Rolled Tango
Rolar Custoias Portugal Black Widow


Royal Modern Belgium Diamond Girls
Royal Modern Belgium Tinkerbell
SBS Belgium The Honey Bees
FR Maurin France Crazy Metronome
Skate Club Lorrain France The Choice
Givatayem Israel Hungry Flies
Holon Israel Anna Frank – A Diary of a Girl
Golda Israel Butterflies
Artiskate ASD Italy Sweet & Melancholy
Pol. Dueville Italy This Poem is for you my Friend
Vazzola Italy Aeolus & Earth
KRC Rolling Netherlands Robin Hood
APM Portugal Love Happens
Bagum – Club Lourosa Portugal The Snake’s Eye
NCRV Portugal Dark Brightness of Innocence


SBS Belgium Skate School Musical
Rullest Estonia Spiders
RS Angloy France BZZ
Givatayem Israel Childhood Fantasy
Golda Israel Soduko
Don Bosco Italy Love Generation
ASD Sarcedo Italy Silk Forms
Portogruaro ASD Italy Low Flow
VRC Netherlands Funk in a Cornfield
Rolling 90 Netherlands Swing DJ
Nun’Alvares Portugal The Dream of Indiana Jones
AGPA / JP Portugal Toy Story
AGPA / JP Portugal Clowns


RSC Anderlecht Belgium Eternal Love
ALSS France Be Careful
Orvault France Blossom
Valle du Thore France Destination Lune
Sant Celoni Espana Auch !
Vilanova Espana Come to Me
Blanes FP Espana Today I’ll Fly
Bremen Germany Eight Reasons to Live
REG Kiel Germany Human Machine
Givatayem Israel Life is a Theatre
Holon Israel Life Cigarette
ASD Malo Italy Cain, Abel
Roma SC Italy Zodiac
Portogruaro ASD Italy Colony in the Bering Sea
VRC Netherlands Homage to the Rabbits
Rolling 90 Netherlands I have a Dream
KRC Rolling Netherlands Independent Brides
CPACC & JA Portugal The Creation
APRM Portugal Tribute to Cancer Fighters


FR Maurin France Once Upon a Corn
Olot Espana Open Step
Masnou Espana Move Me, Watch Me
Reus Deportiu Espana Clonation-Looking for the Perfect Woman
Antitesi Italy Bharatanatyam-Expression, Melody & Rhythm
Breganze ASD Italy Travelling Towards the Immortality
Portogruaro ASD Italy Happy Birthday
Rolling 90 Netherlands Jesus Christ Superstar
Oude De Molen Netherlands Amazones Devotion
KRC Rolling Netherlands Tarzan : A Monkey Life
Club Sado Portugal Avatar
Bagum – Club Lourosa Portugal In Tribute of Rats
Nun’ Alvares Portugal The Other Side of the Mirror


Team X-Treme Denmark The Ants
Rullest Estonia Silver Diamond
LV Niedersachsen Germany Dream Team
United Skaters Germany Classic Dance
Givatayem Israel Sirtaki
Holon Israel Robots
Albinea Italy Happy Feet
Astro Skating Italy Latin Rhythm
Pol. Masi ASD Italy In the Navy
Nun’ Alvares Portugal Motards


CP Courcon France Runnin’ Wild
Nantes Synchro France Inspirations 70
Orvault France Chicago
LV Niedersachsen Germany Dream Team
Albinea Italy Hydrodynamic
Reggio Emilia Italy Dangerous Fire
Pol. Masi ASD Italy Infinity
AGPA / JP Portugal Incas